The Choice of Busy Executives for
Managing People, Projects and Deliverables

  • Get Instant Visibility on Status & Results
  • Ensure Others are Working What's Priority
  • Stay in Touch with Heightened Accountability

Whether you're reaching across the board room or around the globe, ManagePro is the Executive
Software Solution for making the right decisions and getting the best out of your people.

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It's priceless... One single platform for managing my day, my people and the completion of everything from top level
projects to actions." - Bill Macdonald-Kerr, COO, GSD

management software revisitedManagement Software Revisited

ManagePro management software takes everything work throws at you, your projects, time commitments, your people's needs and requests, your information… and neatly organizes it in one easy-to-use program. ManagePro and its web based counterpoint, MProLite, represent a complete suite of management tools for the entire organization or a single manager. Tasks and projects, Gantt charts for project planning, resource allocation, time cards, document management, dashboards, scorecards, analytics… it's all there - use as little or as much as you want.

outlook integrationIntegration with Outlook and SharePoint

If you use MS Outlook or MS SharePoint, you'll be pleased with how well ManagePro integrates with both of these platforms. ManagePro saves you measurable time each day by enabling you to drag and drop email directly into ManagePro, and convert your email into to-dos, progress updates, and/or attached documents. Synchronize your calendar tasks and to-dos with Outlook, and you'll find you are spending less time in your In-Box, and more time on your priorities.

strategic planning softwareIntegration with Strategic Planning

ManagePro integrates your Strategic Plan with supporting projects and day-to-day operations as well as tracking via scorecards. We all know how important strategic planning is to business growth, yet a recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that most organizations struggled with the same recurring three obstacles when executing strategy:

  1. Making it meaningful to front-line employees
  2. Translating strategy to execution
  3. Aligning jobs to strategy

ManagePro eliminates each of these obstacles, providing a transparent structure for translating strategy into action and tracking the results. Aligning activities with strategic initiatives creates strategic visibility that allows everyone to see how their activities affect the organization's strategy. Get everyone on board with ManagePro.

"ManagePro may be the most productivity-enhancing software ever developed for a computer." - Infoworld

"If you use Windows and manage people, run and buy a copy of this program!
Once you've tried ManagePro, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it." - Windows Magazine